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Dear Delegates and Faculty,

It is our distinct pleasure to invite you to the seventeenth annual Model United Nations Conference at Chapel Hill, MUNCH XVII, which will take place on our campus from Thursday, February 23 to Sunday, February 26, 2017. As we reflect on previous successful MUNCH conferences, identify areas for growth, and cultivate new ideas, we are developing what we believe will be our best conference yet.

Since its founding in 1945, the United Nations has promoted international cooperation in a collaborative forum, with the ultimate goal of promoting intergovernmental harmony and security for the global population. In 2000, the United Nations proclaimed eight Millennium Development Goals that embody their ongoing efforts to combat international injustices and challenges to the human population. The organization also oversees a number of ongoing programs, funds, and special projects throughout the international community that strive to uphold these fundamental principles.

Participating in MUNCH XVII will allow delegates to engage with the vision of the United Nations. In addition to General Assemblies such as the World Health Organization and Crisis Committees such as the Security Council, MUNCH also offers a number of non-traditional, creative crisis committees. Our most recent conference featured a council of Greek Gods and Goddesses and a joint committee of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. MUNCH XVII looks forward to offering more of these creative debate environments, as well as a series new to this year’s conference, General Assemblies Plus (GAPs). These committees are rooted in traditional General Assemblies, yet will present delegates with timed crises that must be handled collectively and efficiently with innovative solutions. In its third year, our Press Corps will also be challenged with the task of observing committee sessions, posing tough questions to the delegates, and presenting their findings through journalistic outlets throughout the weekend as they grasp the delicate interaction between politics and the media.

Registration for our conference will open September 1, 2016. The priority registration period will run until December 2nd, at which point we will continue our regular registration period until February 3rd. Delegates registered before December 2nd will have priority in committee assignments, though we assure you that all delegations will provide in-depth opportunities for participation. February 3rd is our final registration cut off; by this date, all delegates wishing to participate in MUNCH XVII should sign up following the link on our website. We will confirm your registration with an email of your committee assignments and further information about the weekend.

Model United Nations strives to introduce growing minds to the principles adopted by the United Nations so that they may better understand not only the challenges the global population faces, but also the ways we may go about solving these seemingly incomprehensible issues. Carolina International Relations Association is proud to offer MUNCH XVII as a conference that will challenge you to be thoughtful, innovative, and efficient in your discussions. We are designing a weekend to keep you engaged and entertained, and our staff looks forward to working with all delegates and advisors this coming Spring. MUNCH XVII promises to be a conference you will not want to miss.

For questions about MUNCH XVII, we encourage you to contact us at munchcira@unc.edu.

Best regards,

Mary Beth Browne and Anna Berrier

Secretary-General, Director-General

Model United Nations at Chapel Hill XVII


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